Choosing a full size mattress set

A full size mattress is also referred to as a double size mattress. This is the next size after the Twin size which is the smallest mattress size for adults. A twin bed is enough to take just one adult. A twin size mattress measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. 75 inches may not be an ideal length for some adults and most especially men. A full size bed measures 53 inches wide by 75 inches long. The full size was the standard size for couple beds some time back. This has changed though and now we have the queen size and the king sized beds.

A full size mattress can be used by two adults but this allows only 27 inches of space for each person which is not much. It is even less than the space of a twin bed. A full size bed is only ideal for couples who are tight on space. When the bedrooms or the spaces available are limiting then the full size bed can be used. A full size mattress will be available in many different materials like memory foam or latex and also in different densities and finishes.

Full size mattress sets is sold with a box spring or just a wooden foundation. The foundation serves to give the support needed to the back to avoid back problems. The support also helps the mattress to be able to carry the weight of the user and distribute it evenly on the foundation for a good sleep. Full size mattress sets are usually more affordable than inner spring mattress models. They are however short on durability when compared with other mattresses. These are some tips on buying a mattress that will help you.

Full size mattress sets are comfortable for people shorter than 5’5”. This can be limiting to some people and if used by taller people could be quite uncomfortable. The full size mattress sets are however ideal for kids because they get enough space for them and their friends or pets. It also saves on cost for the parent because they don’t keep changing the bed for the child. Full size mattress sets usually have the same cover for the mattress and the box or foundation making it one piece. If you had a full size mattress set before then the mattress might be the only thing to replace since the box spring could still be intact. If not replace both the box spring and the mattress.

The bed where you fix the mattress and the box should be firm enough to be able to handle both. So how to choose mattress for your bed? In this case a steel bed is more appropriate than a wooden one. Consider the bed that you already have at home and whether it can handle the set if not you might consider having the platform added on the bed and buying a mattress only.