What does affordable Texas tree care involve?

Before you decide to prune, remove or even plant a tree, it is always important to ensure you find out how that will affect your lawn and of the neighbor as well. Tree care services are of a wide variety and knowing more about it will help you understand your trees much better.

Planting of trees

If you want your trees to thrive, then you ought to plant them in the right location. Hiring a certified arborist will help you determine which tree is best to plant in your yard. This is because not all trees you are compatible with your yard. When you know the right trees to plant, then you can easily come up with a good way to beautify your landscape. There is also an endless list of the trees which you can plant in your yard. Unfortunately, those trees you may desire much usually grow very slowly and will take a lot of time to mature. Some of these trees also have very shallow root system which can be a serious threat to your driveways and sidewalks too. Also, you should consult with an arborist on the types of trees that aren’t affected by the common diseases.

Young plant watered from a watering can

Planting and ‘topping’ trees

There is a long list of reasons and benefits of why you should prune a tree. The most important of all is safety. If there are branches which overhand against the house, they should be pruned immediately. If branches from your trees block the visibility in intersections, then they should be trimmed away. If there are dead branches in a tree, they should not be ignored as well as those that close each other. If you perform the right pruning, then your tree will develop a strong root system which will enable it to stand during the storms.

The most appropriate time to perform your pruning is normally in the late fall or winter.

Crown thinning

This is a technique which is used when dealing with hardwoods. It is a careful and selective way of removing branches from a tree in the crown of the tree. When using this technique, you should ensure you don’t prune away more than a quarter of the living crown. You should contact tree removal Dallas professionals.


V-shaped unions

If there are branches in a tree which split off in a V-shape which is very sharp, then this wedge shows a weak spot which should done away with. This will involve cutting off one of the branches.

Crown raising

It is one of the most common tree services. If there are branches that are hanging low, they should be trimmed away. They pose a danger to pedestrians as they can easily injure a person passing by.

If you want to prune large branches, then you require the right tools for the job. You can begin with a rope saw. This one can easily be used to trim those tree limbs which are high when on the ground. Whichever method used, it should be done right to avoid injuring the tree.